So Who The Hell Are You Anyways?

Long story short, I want to make video games (and mods).

What kinds of video games you ask?
Well I've got about seven half finished projects and 3 documents filled with ideas so the current answer is a little bit of everything.

I do know that when I do eventually create a finished product it will be free of microtransactions, gambling/predatory mechanics, and everything else most AAA games are peddling right now.

As for things relating to genre, there isn't really any specific one that does it all for me (although I am fond of roguelikes). What does do it for me however is VR, and I plan to begin VR development as soon as I have the necessary skills/knowledge

Right now I'm mainly just trying to hone skills that would be useful to me in indie game development. Namely coding, 3D modelling, video editing, and digital drawing.

Assorted Things That I Enjoy:

The SCP Foundation


The Cosmere

The Yogscast

The Magnus Archives